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Congrats Demetrius! The 7th graduate @ Compass Academy!!!  

Loved meeting most of our family and having dinner together!!!

Happy Birthday Josh!!!

FUN @ Top Golf!!! No surprise...Mr. Pike's was the winner!!!

Our 4th graduate here @ Compass Academy!!  So proud of you Leslie!!!!

Family night for the 1st six weeks!

Compass Academy supports Red Ribbon Week!!!

Compass Academy has the BEST LEADERS!

Congrats to our 6th graduate, Kaden Meeks!!!!

We are so proud of our girl! Congrats Tasha on being the 1st graduate of Compass Academy!!

Soaking it all in from the Admin's.

Celebrating our 3rd graduate here @ Compass Academy!!!

We are teaming up against drugs!!!

Compass students working on the homecoming float!!!  Thanks y'all!!!!!

STARS rewarded with homecooking for reaching their goals the 1st six weeks!!!

Celebrating successes here @ Compass Academy!!!

SUPER STAR for the 1st six weeks!!!!

Happy Boss's Day!

Happy Birthday Aaron Sorrells!!

1st graduate of Compass Academy 17-18

Love catching STARS working hard!

A great convocation leads to a great year!!!

So excited to have our family together!

Supporting Mr. Pikes @ the board meeting!

So proud of Natalie, she is now a SENIOR!!!

Reward luncheon for students reaching their goals for the 2nd six weeks!

Enjoying some team building at Top Golf!

Compass Academy supports PINK OUT!!

Team work!!!

Congrats Kirstin Vance!! Our SUPER STAR for the 2nd six weeks!!!!!!

Congrats Casey!!  You are now a Senior!!!

Congrats Tyrell Rivers! Our 9th graduate @ Compass Academy!!

Happy Birthday Kiavona!!! 

Congrats Kendal Ezell! You are the 5th graduate @ Compass Academy! We are so proud of you!!

Compass STARS working hard!

We love it when Admin comes and helps us celebrate!!

Congrats Mrs. Wood, Teacher of the Month!

Love catching students working hard to be successful!!

Congrats Destiny Bocanegra!! Our 12th graduate @ Compass Academy!!

Congrats! Mrs. Turner, teacher of the month @ Compass Academy!

Key'Aira, we are so proud of you for accomplishing Junior status!!!!!

First day information being given to students!

We llove it when Admin comes and helps us celebrate!!

Congrats Mrs. Wood, Teacher of the Month @ Compass Academy!!

So proud of you Austin Aldrich!!  The 10th graduate @ Compass Academy!!!

Congrats Lance, our 13th graduate @ Compass Academy!!!

So proud of this girl!!  First student to complete a blended class!!

WOW! So Proud of you Kirstin Vance, our 11th graduate @ Compass Academy!!!

1st student to earn 1.5 credits!!!

Celebrating our 2nd graduate @ Compass Academy!!

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